WTR!? (What The Remix !?)

Speed Freak, The

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ARTIST: Speed Freak, The
TITLE: WTR!? (What The Remix !?)
LABEL: Psychik Genocide
FORMAT: 2xCD, Album
RELEASED: 2016-11-25

GENRE: Electronic
STYLES: Hardcore, Gabber, Drum n Bass

MEDIA: Mint (M)
SLEEVE: Mint (M)

1-01 Hardcore Masta (Pattern J Remix)
1-02 Angry Speedbird (Dj Mutante Remix)
1-03 El Gringo Loco (The Sickest Squad Remix)
1-04 DJ Fuck (Nukem Remix)
1-05 Decapitation (Marcus Decks Remix)
1-06 Boombox (Hyrule War Remix)
1-07 Our Time (Adrenokrome Remix)
1-08 Angry Speedbird (Maissouille Remix)
1-09 Raw Psycho (Subversion Remix)
1-10 Make'Em Die Slowly (Psiko's French Strike Remix)
1-11 Hated (Dj Mutante Remix)
1-12 All Over You (eRRe Remix)
2-01 Much Higher (Progamers Remix)
2-02 Maximum Frequencies (Kill The Sheep Brutal Jesters Hate Vegans Edit)
2-03 Ultimate Battlefield (Dr. Peacock Remix)
2-04 Angry Speedbird (The Braindrillerz Remix)
2-05 DJ Fuck (Randy Remix)
2-06 Steel-Finger (Chem D Remix)
2-07 Boombox (Mat Weasel Remix)
2-08 King Of Bong (DJ Sharpnel Remix)
2-09 Make'Em Die Slowly (Dustvoxx Remix)
2-10 Hardcore Masta (M-Project Remix)
2-11 Time Is Bleeding (Producers Time Bending Future Retrofit)
2-12 Destroy Reality (Hellfish Destroy All Stars Remix)
2-13 All Over You (Stormtrooper Remix)
2-14 Puppet Master (Tripped Remix)
2-15 Cannibal Brain (Vague Entity Remix)


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